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about purTFlex

The technology used consists in extruding a thin layer of polyurethane (PUR) covered with a UV coating onto a polyurethane-treated decorative paper.
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Transform Mouldings owns the equipment and has built a strong expertise allowing the company to meet all of our customer’s needs. Regardless of the type of moulding you need, if you have technical specs to respect or custom design to create, we offer you THE solution for your major project.
Elevated Centre
With the elevated centre coating technology, cabinet doors become completely even, which makes look perfect. We are able to coat the centre of the panel and thus making the centre and the frame identical, without any visible difference in colour and finish.
purtflex wrapper
The PurTflex is a special coating wrapper. This technology was entirely designed by Transform Mouldings. This technology allows for the best durability and precision among other coated processes on the market. PurTflex also guarantees exceptional finish. Flexible, it does not leave white crease.
Transform Mouldings laminates all kinds of pieces. We excel with MDF and are able to laminate panels up to 27 inches wide in PurTflex and up to 49 inches wide in standard polyester.